Tl-WN851ND and Win8

Tl-WN851ND and Win8
Tl-WN851ND and Win8
2013-09-23 13:55:22
Region : UnitedStates

Model : TL-WN851ND

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version :


Sharing my experience and will update if i end up with a working card.

am right now at the liberty to reinstall fresh os and try working to get this card working in win8. so far i hv tried these:

OS- win8 pro 32bit (windows update always on and set to auto update)
Driver TL-WN851ND_v1_110825

1- installed utility + driver using Windows 8 Compatibility settings. SW Installed, but utility didn't work and not network is even discovered
2- installed only the driver and still the same issue.
3- let windows 8 install its own drivers and still same issue.

Tried to get drivers for the chipset (Atheros AR9227) from the OEM. INTERESTINGLY they have WINDOWS 8 DRIVER listed as compatible and PROVIDE DRIVERS

Steps to install this driver

-device manager
-network adapters > tplink WA 300N > properties > update driver
- browse for driver and selected the file from AR9227 for win8
- installs fine but didnt find any network (had 2 APs in the same hall)

Windows 8 diagnostics message:
1- Windows cannot bind ip protocol etc etc
2- troubleshooting says "there is a problem with driver on the wifi adapter" not the exact text..but you get the point.

Fellow users, did you happen to get it working? i can see that some of us are able to get it working in win did u do it?