TL MR3420v1

TL MR3420v1
TL MR3420v1
2014-04-09 04:47:01
Region : Spain

Model : TL-MR3420

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 121123

ISP : Masmovil (Orange)

My router shows Versión as 1.2. I have used the router successfully for a year with an Alcatel Onetouch X220L and a Vista laptop. Two months ago I added a desktop with Windows 8 and have both machines running in the house..

I note that Versión 1 is not shown as Windows 8 compatible but I have had no problems until the last couple of weeks. Now I am finding significant slow down over the course of the day and at times corruption of web pages into strings of letters and digits. This occurs on both laptop and desktop. Switching everything off and leaving for 10 minutes sometimes, but not always speeds things up again.

Can verion1 of the router be a problem with Windows 8? Could the Alcatel Modem be a problem with Windows 8? The inconsistency of the performance is making it difficult for me to isolate the problem and a little frustrating.

Any suggestions and help would be very much appreciated.