Tp Link mr3040 3G 4G cant Hard Reset

Tp Link mr3040 3G 4G cant Hard Reset
Tp Link mr3040 3G 4G cant Hard Reset
2014-08-23 22:29:57
Region : Argentina

Model : TL-MR3220

Hardware Version : V2

Firmware Version :


Hi all sorry for my english but Im am Auslander :P
Also Im bay from Ebay tl mr 3040 v2 and i cant reset it.

Router have save old settings and i dont have acces to them.

DHCP working and give me automatic address with geteway .
When i tryin connekt from web browser on i get respons no respons . shit.

1 .I can ping geteway
2. Router react on Ethernet cabel 2 LED blinking.
3. Router no broadcasting Essid wlan ist disable / or deffekt.
4 Router react on the UMTS modem from Vodaphone least LED light green.

And People what now someone knowe something ?
Its the way to reset router 2 factory setting without reset button. Exemple some pin on the meinbord or ...

Bite help.

Thanks for enything.
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Re:Tp Link mr3040 3G 4G cant Hard Reset
2014-08-25 10:08:54
There's only two ways to reset MR3040 to factory default settings:
1. Go to web management interface, cilck Factory Default.
2. Reset it by a hardware "Reset" button on MR3040

Since you can't reset it in the first method, you can only try the second one.