TG-3468 rev 2 advice

TG-3468 rev 2 advice
TG-3468 rev 2 advice
2014-08-30 17:00:23
Region : Canada

Model : TG-3468

Hardware Version : V2

Firmware Version :


Hi Folks

In the device manager advanced options for my TG-3458 I have selected "1 gig full duplex" in the speed/duplex drop down menu.
on the back of the card, the 100Mbps led is flashing.

I am connecting to a D-Link DGS-1005G gigabit switch via 100 feet of cat 6 cable.
The LED on the D-Link channel receiving the signal from the 3468 is flashing orange indicating that it is not receiving a gigabit signal.
The input of the D-Link channel connected to my WD My Cloud id flashing green, so that's fine.

Currently, transfer rates when backing up my files to the MY Cloud are abysmal.

Motherboard is an ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi.
OS is W 8.1....could this be the problem?

3468 driver version is 8.1.510.2013
driver date is 5/10/2013

Can anyone here advise me about changing any of the other options in the Device Manager Advanced menu of my 3468 to get things up to speed?

Are there other things I am overlooking elsewhere that if changed can solve my problem?

Sorry folks, I'm a bit of a Luddite with this stuff but I can fix your tube amp in my sleep.

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