Multiple SSID / V Lans / IP Addresses

Multiple SSID / V Lans / IP Addresses
Multiple SSID / V Lans / IP Addresses
2014-10-09 17:41:14
Region : UnitedKingdom

Model : TL-WA801ND

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version :



i am setting up v lans and muti SSID but i am unsure about how to assign the IP address on the Access Point

currently we have no VLans set up anywhere on the site everything runs on the default VLAN,

I wanted to create

SSID 1 - for mobile phones - VLAN 2
SSID 2 - For wireless laptops - VLAN1 Default

what i dont get is how to set up the v lans on the switch this patches in to or how to set up the IP address of the access point.

if i patch this access point into port 1 which i have set to be vlan 2 then surely i have to assign the access point an vlan2 ip address from that subnet. but as the access point will be relaying traffic to both v lans what do i set the IP address to be ? or is there a way to set the IP address per SSID?

hope this makes sense?

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Re:Multiple SSID / V Lans / IP Addresses
2014-10-10 09:58:47
You misunderstood VLAN feature of WA801ND.
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What you need seems like guest network feature but it is not supported by WA801ND.