RE200 Network Extender - problems with setting up

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RE200 Network Extender - problems with setting up

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RE200 Network Extender - problems with setting up
RE200 Network Extender - problems with setting up
2015-04-03 22:24:38
Region : Poland

Model : RE200

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :

ISP : Orange

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with setting up RE200 range extender; my main router is Livebox 2.0 (provided by ISP), I also use D-Link DSL-2740B connected to LB as a range extender. Because our house is big, and even with LB and D-Link up there are some spots without strong enough Wi-Fi singal for comfortable use Android devices (and, mostly important, SmartTV functions), we decided to buy a range extender - this feral RE200.

My network is configured in following way:
Livebox as main router with DHCP ON, at IP, IP adressing starts from, range 2-254;
D-link as range extender at first floor, connected via Ethernet to LB into LAN, at fixed IP with DHCP relay enable;
Wi-Fi is working in roaming mode.

I had some troubles with making it working, but I overcame them and setup was working fine, but there was still too low Wi-Fi signal strenght at ground floor - too much walls between rooms there and LB, and too high signal lose from upstairs because of celling. So, I got RE200 and here fun began.

Configuration using WPS seems to be not working at all, tested turning it on on both Livebox and D-Link;
Manual setup with extender connected via Ethernet to PC - setup wizard was working fine, yet only 2,4GHz was available. I completed configuration there, and it should be working... except it's not. 2,4GHz diode is not lit up nor near D-Link where it was configured (about 40cm), nor downstairs, close to Livebox. Tried that three times, each time rollbacking RE200 to fabrical settings, no effect.
Following the Internet, basing on Windows "IP conflict in network" clue, I tried to manually fix extender's IP at (out-of-box it's and changed DHC from Auto to OFF, no visable effect, except I couldn't connect to RE anymore and had to rollback settings.
Finally, I turned D-Link off, connected PC to Livebox directly and tried to connect RE by WPS to Livebox after rollback to fabrical, no effect.

After manually configuration, my devices see Wi-Fi from RE200 and are able to connect with WPA/WPA2 key given, shared with rest of the network, but I am not able to connect to any website on them, nor to RE configuration site. Even more, at some point I have to manually reset my internet connection at PC, because without given reason I wasn't able to connect anywhere (Windows stated everything is fine, yet Firefox showed me "Can't connect to the Internet").
Both Livebox and D-Link haven't physical WPS button, but it can be enable at any moment from their configuration site.

I ran out if ideas how to make it working (shameful a bit, as RE seems to be "Turn on and forget" device), I will be very grateful for any help.
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Re:RE200 Network Extender - problems with setting up
2015-04-14 17:48:39
I understand what you are trying to achieve. But my experience told me that Wi-Fi range extender is not well suitable for extending wifi signal for upstairs and downstairs because wifi signal will be sharply weaken by walls and obstructions. In your case Wi-Fi Power adapter is a better choice as they communicate through electric lines and then re-broadcast the wifi signal.
(The models started with TL-WPA has Wi-Fi function.)

Anyway, here are some suggestion to get the RE200 working.

You Dlink and LB router have no WPS button so that you have to configure the RE200 via web interface.

1. Reset the RE200. Place it beside the LB router.
2. Connect your computer to the RE200 via a Ethernet cable. Log into Run Quick setup to configure it. Ensure you enter the correct password of 2.4GHz wifi. Skip 5GHz wifi if your router have no 5GHz function.
3. When Quick Setup completed, wait for the RE200 to connect the LB router for about 2 minute. The 2.4GHz LED will become solid on when RE200 is successfully connected to LB router.
4. Then wait for another 1 minute. The RE200 will detect the DHCP from LB router and then shutdown its own DHCP service to avoid DHCP conflict. Then the computer will renew an IP address and get Internet access.
5. Test whether the Internet is available or not. If yes, it means everything is working.
6. Then re-locate the RE200 to a remote location. But notice that the RE200 cannot be too far away from the router, the RE200 must be located where the signal is good enough so that it can maintain a stable connection to the LB router