Wrong speed display in Powerline Utility

Wrong speed display in Powerline Utility
Wrong speed display in Powerline Utility
2016-04-26 20:14:15
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I recently bought the TP-Link TL-WPA4230P KIT (500Mbit/s) and did a quick check with the Powerline Utility to check the network speed I am able to reach in my flat.

In the same room, the Powerline Utility showed values between 330-360Mbps, which I thought was quite nice. Two rooms further, the Utility still showed 70-80Mbps, which I thought is still enough for streaming. So I thought that everything is ok, decided not to send it back and put it away for later use.

When I wanted to complete the cabeling, etc. for my flat and tested everything, I noticed that the speed that is shown by the Powerline utility is much higher than the actual network speed.

For example, when the utility shows 330-360Mbps in the same room, I only reach 55-65Mbps! (tested with a 100MB, 500MB and 1GB file copy - read and write).
Another example - when the utility shows 70-80Mbps (2 rooms between the adapters), I only reach 8-12Mbps (also tested with file copies) - which is absolutely unusable for streaming games via steam link.

Why does the Powerline utility show a network speed that is 6 times higher than it actually is? It's now too late for me to send the product back (too much time passed), but if I would have known that before, I would definitely have sent it back.

This thread is NOT about the quality of the wire cabling in my flat, it's about the speed that is shown by the Powerline utility!

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Re:Wrong speed display in Powerline Utility
2016-05-06 19:52:46
That is purely gross media capacity not being the same thing as net payload throughput. Besides, with those adapters having a 100 MBit/s LAN connector, you can hardly expect to get more than about 85 MBit/s net throughput - ever.
If you're going through powerline first and then through wireless, you have that same effect twice. On wireless, the same thing happens - media connection "speed" is about three times as high as actual payload throughput.