TL-WPA4530 Issues - Need Help

TL-WPA4530 Issues - Need Help
TL-WPA4530 Issues - Need Help
2017-01-11 23:06:10
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Hi Tech Team and other users,

In the last few days I have had some issues with the speed across the Power Link plugs that I have running across the house. The speed dropped significantly from about 25MB to 3MB. I have done the usual checks to make sure leads etc including other makes of plug all working correctly. I now cannot get all my Power Link plugs to connect across the house as previously so not sure what the issue may be. I have tried to get the latest firm ware but keep getting an issue that the file is incorrect. I downloaded the firmware from the UK site for a plug bought in Germany. I also need to ask if you can also supple me with the slightly older TPUtility that used to be in a deep blue colour. That seems to work better for me and when I had theses issues all i needed to do was connect sink all the plugs and all was good.

Request: Note that my WIFI Extender is bought via Amazon Germany

1. Please provide link or file for the older tpPLC Utility prior to Jan 2017 version in the Aqua blue please
2. Please can you let me know where I can get the firm ware as the German site does not show Utility or Firmware

Happy to share any more information needed