WPA-8630 can't assign static IP

WPA-8630 can't assign static IP
WPA-8630 can't assign static IP
2017-02-13 23:53:57
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I have just purchased the WPA-8630KIT off Amazon.
Considering I have been using computers since the year dot, I consider myself a pretty advanced user, capable of solving most home computer problems; until I met this little beast.
So, unpacked, plugged in, paired connected wifi.
All seemed pretty simple……
Basically I could not see the devices on my phone using the app.
I check on my DHCP settings and see the WPA8360 has been assigned a 192.168.0 address. Which seems fine, but it won’t respond to a ping on my network. After an hour or so resetting and trying various things, I discovered the PC utility.
I then downloaded the PC utility, directly connected it to the extender and saw everything. However, the extended would not get DHCP from my router, so I get stuck with default configuration settings. I then decided to set a static IP, which from my perspective would be a good thing.
All this done, reboot and cannot connect to the new static IP. I then go back in via the utility and cable connection and it has reverted.
In a nutshell without a correct network IP with gateway defined, there is no way any device connecting to the device is ever going to connect through to the internet.
Is there any way to actually get the device to take a static IP.