Tl-mr3420 + zte mf710m

Tl-mr3420 + zte mf710m
Tl-mr3420 + zte mf710m
2017-05-30 20:07:48
Model :

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :


Hello, I'm using the router and the USB modem in the subject and they work well.
However, I have the following problem: when I switch on the router, even if it connects on demand, the USB modem doesn't connect to the Internet.
So when I open the browser it appears the USB modem homepage ( and I have to connect it manually.
Same problem for disconnection: when the router disconnects the modem remains connected.
How can I solve this?
The router is new but the firmware is not the last one. Should I upgrade it?
Firmware Version:
3.16.9 Build 150928 Rel.63866n
Hardware Version:
MR3420 v3 00000000
Thank you!
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