Has connected to TP-Link extender but no internet, what can I do?

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The Range Extender becomes more and more popular nowadays with the demand for enlarging the Wi-Fi coverage area. But you may get in trouble to make it work. What can I do if I failed to configure my Range Extender? Today, we will show you several common situations you may encounter and how to deal with them. We will take RE450 as an example.

Note: RE is short for Range Extender.


Case 1: The initial configuration of RE.

Please follow the instruction mentioned below to configure your RE.

  1. Please refer to https://www.tp-link.com/support/faq/1400/.
  2. You can watch the setup video as well.  https://www.tp-link.com/support/setup-video/

Note: Please use the main router’s Wi-Fi password to configure the RE. And the Wi-Fi password of RE cannot be customized.


Case 2: Failed to connect it to the main router: Signal LED/2.4GHz/5GHz LEDs are off. Or you will see the picture below after logging into the web UI.

What can I do then?

  1. Ensure that you entered the correct Wi-Fi password of your router during configuration.
  2. Hold the reset button/hole for 3s and reconfigure it. You can refer to Case 1.
  3. Disable Mac filtering/Access Control/Band Steering functions on the main router.
  4. If it is still the same, please provide the information attached below:
  • The model number of RE, and its hardware/firmware version.
  • The model number of the wireless router/modem, as well as the hardware/firmware version.
  • A full screenshot of the status page on RE.  
  • You can start a new thread with the information mentioned above attached and then we can give you a specific answer.


Case 3: RE has connected to the main router: Signal LED/2.4GHz/5GHz LEDs are on but still no internet access.  

And you will see the Status page on RE shows as below: DHCP Server (On), Dynamic IP (Failed).


What can I do then?


First, the root cause is that the RE/clients failed to obtain IP address from the Main router. A static IP and specific DHCP server settings on the extender will sort this out.


A.Login to router and check the DHCP server settings on Router.  For example, below is the DHCP server settings on TP-Link Archer C7.


B. Customize the DHCP server settings on RE.  According to the settings on Router, RE’s DHCP server should be set as below.


C. If you have any further problems, be free to contact us by starting a new thread.


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