【Case Study】Get Synology NAS work well with Archer AX6000 when Link aggregation enabled

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Recently, there is an issue reported by one end-user; he failed to connect this Synology NAS DS918+ to the Archer AX6000 with Link Aggregation enabled.

Per customer said, the network diagram is Modem—Archer AX6000 (port 2&3)—(port 1&2) NAS (Synology DS918+). With his smart phone connected to the AX6000, he is not able to access the NAS unless he disconnects one of the two ethernet cables.

With further analysis, we solved his case by changing the Link Aggregation mode from “Adaptive Load Balancing” to “Balance XOR” on NAS.

If you have a similar issue, it is worth a try to change the Link Aggregation mode to “Balance XOR”.

You can refer to the articles attached below to get more details about the Link Aggregation configuration.



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