How to Login to Web Interface of TP-Link Router in Access Point Mode

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You can still login to the web interface/GUI of your wireless router when it is working as an Access Point (AP).


Typical network layout of an Access Point would be as follows:


This story will show you different scenarios when attempting to login to the web interface of an Access Point. Here we take Archer AX72 as an example, it's been configured as an Access Point.


Case 1 When the AP (Archer AX72) is hardwired to the wired host router

  • Option 1 (Recommended) Simply by opening a web browser and entering the login domain into the address bar on the browser, you should see the login window now. Typing your own login password to login to the interface and you are in.
  • Option 2 Login to the interface by its current IP address. Be aware the IP address you use to login to the AP web interface depends on how the IP settings are configured on the AP, that might change to match the IP subnet used in your network. Try finding it out by reaching out to the web interface of the wired host router first, then looking for DHCP Server or DHCP Cliet list, which should show the IP addresses that it assigns on your devices. You will be able to identify that it's the AP since it will use the Device Name or the MAC address of the AP. If you still have no idea of how to find the IP address assigned to the AP, you may install an IP scanner software to identify the current IP address of the AP.


Case 2 When the AP (Archer AX72) is disconnected from the wired host router

Connect a laptop or phone to the wireless network of the AP, verify the IP gateway that it receives from the AP, that is the IP address of the AP now. Here is the guide to verify IP address/gateway on your devices? Here we take a Windows 10 computer as an example:

Now you should be able to login to the web interface by launching a web browser and entering192.168.0.254 into the address bar.


Case 3 Manually assign a static IP address to AP

When manually assigning a static IP address to AP, be sure to give it an IP address that matches the IP subnet used in your network. For example, if the IP address of the host router is, assign an IP in 192.168.0.x subnet but not used by other devices in the network. When assigning a static IP for Archer AX72, go to Network > LAN, choose Static IP, then enter the IP you give to it.


Case 4 Set Address Reservation for the AP on the host router

If you don't like to use a static IP address for AP manually, you may also consider configuring an Address Reservation for the AP on the host router, which allows it to obtain an IP address permanently. Here is a guide to use Address Reservation on the TP-Link router, you should find out how to do it on the host router for the TP-Link now.