How to choose extra Powerline adapters to add into the existing network

Some customers who have a pair of Powerline adapters want to add more Powerline adapters into the existing network to extend the wifi range. While they have some questions: whether they can add multiple devices, and which one will be better.

Note: All the TP-Link Powerline Adapters are compatible with each other.

While to choose the best units to add, we need take the specifications of the existing units into consideration, especially the Powerline link rate and the standard of LAN ports. So we will divide it into 2 parts simply to demonstrate it.


1. I already have an AV600 Powerline adapter or even lower, here we take TL-WPA4220KIT as an example, which is AV600.

The TL-WPA4220KIT has the 100Mbps LAN ports, and the Powerline link rate is 600Mbps, it is suggested to use 4 series product together. Like TL-WPA4220KIT, TL-WPA4530KIT, TL-PA4020KIT and so on.

Meanwhile, we only need to connect ONE main unit to the main router by ethernet cable, other units can be relocated to extend the Wi-Fi range or provide LAN ports once they have been paired.


2. I already have an AV1000 Powerline adpaters or higher, here we take TL-WPA8630KIT as an example, which is AV1300.

The TL-WPA8630KIT has the gigabit LAN ports, and the Powerline link rate is 1300Mbps. Considering all TP-Link Powerline adapters are compatible with each other, definitely I can add a TL-WPA4220kit into it, while there will be some reduction in the speed of the TL-WPA8630KIT because of the TL-WPA4220KIT just like the cask effect.

So to ensure the performance, it is recommended to add 7/8/9 series products into the existing network which are AV1000 or higher.  Like TL-WPA8630KIT, TL-PA8010PKIT.


1.The Powerline link rate is not the actual speed, which depends on the network environment.

2. The product starting with TL-WPA supports wireless function, while TL-PA does not.

3. The amount of the Powerline adapters existing in the same network is limited. Click here to know how many Powerline adapters can be added to the same network.


Get to know more details, please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.



I have been using a TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Starter Kit (Model No. TL-PA9020P {V1)) for several years without any problems but want to expand the system. Can anyone recommend what extender would be best for use on this kit?


Would the "AV1300 3-port Gigabit Passthrough PowerlineTL-WPA8630P" unit be a good choice?









Like case 2, the 7/8/9 series are good choices, the TL-WPA8630P is included, meanwhile it supports wifi function, and has 3 ethernet ports with a power passthrough. 


Hi, I have a WPA7510 Kit and just bought a WPA4220 for my pc. I have paired etc and the network name for the 4220 is visable on my iphone and laptop but not on the available networks on the pc. Has anyone had this issue and do you know where I am going wrong.



I have a TL-PA 4010 kit and I want to add another 2 adapters. 

My idea is to buy a 7010 kit, put one of the 7010 on the router and the other 3 in other rooms. If I do so, the speed will be at most 1000 in the pair 7010 and maximum 600 in the two 4010?? 


Thank you 



Yes, it can be said that, while the speed between the pair of 7010 may be affected a little. 

In case 2, you should add 7/8/9 series products into the existing network which are AV1000 or higher.

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