[Knowledge Sharing] How to use firmware recovery if you bricked the TP-Link router?

I found you guys may have some trouble when you bricked your routers. Or do not know how to flash firmware which matches the device itself.


Gathered some instructions online as below you may have a refernence. 


1. For the router which supports TFTP recovery, like Archer C7  V2, you can refer to the thread to give it a shot.



Besides, you can watch this video to get more detailed instruction.


2. For the router which supports web firmware recovery, like Archer C9 V3,FAQ listed as below. 

https:// https://www.tp-link.com/support/faq/1482/


May it help you who in need. 



Halo, I want ask, how I can change back my password number, pls help me 



You can login to the web UI of the router to change the password, no matter it is wifi password, or the administration password. 


Agreed.Above solution is up to mark..U can go for it..Just try it once and it should solve your problem mywegmansconnect

Does Archer C6 v2 support TFTP method?

I am facing repeated authentication issues with 300Mbps High Power Wireless N Router TL-WR841HP (V3) . Could you pls help me resolve the issue. Whenever I am away from this wifi network and back, It will prompt authentications in all the mobile phones. I need to click, then connect, and press "keep this network as it is : , then it will work . same issue will repeat if I am going out and come back. Thanks in advance


Firmware Version:

3.16.9 Build 160612 Rel.63618n

Hardware Version:

WR841HP v3 00000000




hola, tengo una duda, si tienes un archer c7 v1, s puede instalar el del v2, v3, v4.......gracias

Hello how can i get an english firmware version of a tp link access point model  number TL-WDR6300 from china with Chinese language.



This TL-WDR6300 is sold in mainland of China, try to reach out the tech support team to get some suggestion. 


fae@tp-link.com.cn. They can provide English service. 



Model :

Hardware Version :

Firmware Version :


Model : Deco M9

Hardware Version : V1

Firmware Version : 1.2.3 Build 20180818 Rel. 68699


I was looking for a way to automatically stop the wireless radio (during the night for instance).
For 2 reasons:
1) Reduce power consumption (be green)
2) Sleep better - because sometimes during the night some people at home could be affected by radio

Is there a chance that a firmware update implement this feature?