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About:Hi everyone! Nice to meet you! I have 3 amazing kids, two are married, one was a surprise 15 years after our second child was born, he’ll graduate College next year with a degree in Computer Science. I have 3 wonderful grandchildren. My oldest son was a software design engineer, now a Director, also develops apps/websites, etc. on the side. I LOVE ❤️ TECH, learning, researching to see if I can configure my TP-Link Deco X55 network to perform better than it does. I experiment with my TP-Link WiFi routers to learn anything possible. I only use TP-Link Products they always provide consistent quality, reliability & great performance. I hop on the community to learn/help others. Definitely still learning the basics to comment/add pics so my post looks as others do. I don’t mind if I’m asked questions & will gladly provide answers if I can. TP-Link - keep building phenomena & unique products!!