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2023-06-28 06:01:00
Re:Deco topology question: Wired backhaul from slave deco on wireless backhaul.
@David-TP Thanks for the confirmation! Best wishes,
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2023-06-27 20:39:41
Deco topology question: Wired backhaul from slave deco on wireless backhaul.
General question about decos in general. I have a specific house where I have decent paths line of sight around some thick stone walls, but one room where there's simply no way of getting line of...
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2022-05-11 07:14:03
Re:Feature request: Manual DNS with dynamic IPV4
@David-TP Hi there. Thank you for your response. I discovered that the option is there when you actually click on dynamic IP in the advanced IPV4 settings as detailed there. Sorry about that and...
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2022-05-09 22:19:55
Feature request: Manual DNS with dynamic IPV4
I have a router that I'd like to run in bridge mode, but can't because I need to manually assign my DNSs in the Deco while setting the Deco WAN IP dynamically Currently, you can only specify DNS if...
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2021-10-03 09:07:38
Feature request: POE outdoor AP for Deco
Hi there, I think this might have been mentioned before, but the one thing missing from the Deco range is an outdoor AP that runs on POE. Is there anything you can do with any of the existing POEs to...
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2021-03-25 09:38:51
Re:deco + outdoor wifi
It would be a fantastic thing to allow the incorporation of Omada poe products into a deco network. Could a 'deco mode' be included in firmware in things like the EAP 225 to allow incorporation into...