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Forums/ Smart Switches
2019-03-30 03:50:37
Re:Using TP Link Light Switch as IFTTT trigger
Lots of interest in using the switch as an IFTTT or Stringify trigger as well, so much potential!
Forums/ Ideas for TP-Link
2019-03-30 03:40:11
Add Triggers to Stringify and IFTTT
This switch has a lot of potential. It would be really nice to also be able to use it as a trigger for both IFTTT and Stringify so that it could perform another action or control multiple smart...
Forums/ General Discussion
2019-03-11 13:46:17
Multiple SOHO Communities?
Is there a reason for the multiple english discussion boards? There is an "en" and "us" version of the board and are completely separate. I understand different products and versions may exist for...
Forums/ Smart Switches
2019-02-27 01:40:56
Auxiliary Functions on HS200 Switch?
I have a HS220 Dimmer and was happy to find the auxiliary functions, press, press and hold, double tap. Does the HS200 have anything similar that could be used for various triggers? Ideally I would...
Forums/ Smart Switches
2019-02-27 01:35:45
Automatic Timer Function
I currently have a timer controlling a bathroom fan, but would like to replace the timer with a smart switch so that I can also automatically turn the fan on to help ventilate the house. Is there a...