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2019-08-29 20:20:21
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Ability to disable DHCP in router mode
Thanks Kevin! I trust the option will be there some time :)
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2019-08-25 16:58:48
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Ability to disable DHCP in router mode
Hey Kevin, trust you are doing well. Do you have some news to report on this topic? Cheers!
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2019-06-24 12:32:14
Re:Re:Re:Re:Ability to disable DHCP in router mode
Using DECO as an accespoint only is not a solution. I need router mode functionality but without DHCP. Would be nice if DHCP can be disabled in the next firmware. Thanks! Bjorn
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2019-06-15 18:58:17
Re:Deco causing Ring Doorbell 2 to brick
Wow, very interesting read. I ran into exactly this same issue. Deco M5 here. Just got my 3rd Video Doorbell 2 delivered. Replaced under warrenty. Not yet installed though, as I also ordered a Pro...
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2019-05-31 17:50:42
Re:Re:Ability to disable DHCP in router mode
Yes thank you. I am now forced to use yours in router mode. I want the ability to run my own DHCP server with DECO in router mode. This should be a small change for your R&D team.
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2019-05-30 18:11:58
Ability to disable DHCP in router mode
I am using my Deco in router mode and don't want to change to AP mode. However I have the need to use my own DHCP server. Deco will still be the default gateway. Can you create the option to disable...