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2019-04-04 06:11:18
KC120 live view COmputer / Browser
Hello is there a way to live view the KC120 cam on my PC / Broweser? I dont want to use my handy all the time when im at work. thanks
Forums/ Cloud Cameras
2019-04-04 05:34:05
Re:Re:KC120 microphone deactivate
I think the button is only to speak through the cam. In hear sound when I access the cam with the app without pressing the button.
Forums/ Cloud Cameras
2019-04-03 18:02:51
KC120 microphone deactivate
Hello I just installed my kc120. Everything works fine. But how can I deactivate the microphone when I access the camera from the app. I only want to see the video . No audio . All other cams I know...