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Beta Test/ Beta Social
By US_Beta 2021-12-04 02:19:17

Tapo C210 Beta Test part 1 - Tapo Care

Dear Beta tester, On December 13th, we will push a 30-day free trial of Tapo Care to your Tapo Camera. Please check it on your Tapo app, accept and start the free trial. Here is the test guide of this
Beta Test/ Beta Social
By US_Beta 2021-11-19 00:01:21

Hello! Welcome to the Tapo C210 Beta test!

Welcome beta testers! Wish you like our new Pan/Tilt Home Security Wi-Fi Camera —— Tapo C210. Your feedback will support the development of the product and help with the release of it. Now you can say
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By navigator48 2021-03-30 19:45:38

Has anyone updated to the Deco M5 v1.5.3 firmware?

I'm wondering if anyone has updated to the 1.5.3 firmware yet? And, if so, have there been any issues? My network was so unstable after updating to the 1.5.1 firmware, I reverted back to 1.4.9 and hav
Forums/ Bug Report
By navigator48 2020-11-18 01:22:37

Deco M5v3 Network unstable and unusable after update to 1.5.1 firmware

Prior to updating my network from 1.4.9 to v1.5.1, my network was running flawlessly. After updating my 3 Deco5v3 units to v1.5.1 firmware from v1.4.9, my network became completely unstable and was un
Forums/ Deco
By AnotherMJB 2020-11-14 03:08:34

Network Optimization in firmware 201022 of Deco M5 (V3)

I run three different mesh systems using Deco M5's, and they all just updated to firmware 201022 which has a new feature called "Network Optimization". When you tell a mesh (via the app) to do a Netwo