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Forums/ Deco
By OKeefe 2022-07-14 02:50:13

Deco X60 Ipv6

Hi, I can't seem to get ipv6 for my Deco X60 while if I'm connected directly to my modem, I can get IPV6. can someone help me? Thanks. All of the settings in Deco are ipv6 enabled and have ip address
Forums/ Deco
By OKeefe 2021-04-22 00:07:33

Deco X60 Frequent Disconnection

Hi, Is there anyone can help me? my Deco X60 main mesh router keeps on rebooting. My ISP has a stable internet connection upon checking. Tried rebooting all 3 packs of X60 router to no avail. The main
Forums/ General Discussion
By OKeefe 2021-04-21 09:28:12

Live Chat

Hi, Is the live chat currently working? It says 24 hours, but I tried everytime, it says agents are offline. will this feature be disabled anytime soon?
Forums/ Feature Request (Extenders)
By OKeefe 2021-01-11 11:17:45

Ethernet Backhaul of Range Extenders

Hoping ethernet backhaul for OneMesh can be implemented in future updates. As this will help a lot of people that has Range Extenders without the need to buy Deco.