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By elbhat 2022-05-28 09:45:42

VR 600 v2 new firmware

Hello! I wonder how long we should suffer with tp link support. For years we have been waiting for new stable firmware. Everyone suffer from wireless issues. From unstable internet. We all cross our f
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By elbhat 2021-09-03 05:18:43

Request (Fixed thread for VR600 betas firmwares)

We need a fixed thread from tplink with all the latest betas firmwares to try them. It isn't enough to send them in private when we have a problem . Plz support us with that request as we have real is
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By elbhat 2021-06-06 12:34:39

Downgrade VR600 firmware الرجوع للنسخة الاصليه

I was lucky at last to downgrade to the original firmware. Here how it happened - First i installed this firmware https://static.tp-link.com/beta/2021/202104/20210401/Archer_VR600_V2_201104.zip - Afte
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By mohamed.Farag 2021-04-09 11:40:32

Archer VR600 v2 bandwidth control

hi all i just buy this vdsl router and its greate in every thing excpet it has no bandwidth control why in world, all old version have bandwidth control and this on not all new version also have bandw
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By ElSabie 2021-04-12 11:23:24

VR600 the upload file was not accepted

Hi TP Link, i cannot upgrade my VR600 router and i faced error the upload file was not accepted , i am in middle east version (Egypt) , i am trying to upgrade to Archer VR600(EU)_V2_200226 instead of
Forums/ DSL Modem Routers
By elbhat 2021-05-25 04:46:15

VR 600 latest firmware

Since I installed this firmware I have lots of bugs. ( 0.4.0 0.9.1 v0074.0 Build 200701 Beta.71362n) 1- My WiFi speed on 5Ghz dropped from 866 Mbps to 433 Mbps. 2- Parental control sometimes isn't eff