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By DavidRay 2021-08-10 05:01:25

Slow download on TP-Link UE300

Hi, I am facing a weird speed problem with the UE300 Gigabit USB network adapter. I have an Archer C1200 and Archer A7 router. Archer C1200 is my old router which I am using for the last 1.5 years and
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By Kevin_Z 2021-08-12 09:39:57

Printer Server function for Archer A7

This Article Applies to: Archer A7_V5_20190810 and newer versions Problem Description/Phenomenon: Archer A7_V5 and the newly developed and released Wi-Fi routers no longer support the Printer Server f
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By Hotlynx16 2021-10-16 20:27:10

Re:[Solution] Printer Server function for Archer A7

That SUCKS! I tried the USB Printer Controller Utility and that doesn't work either! So I have to downgrade my router to make it work!! Very sad!!