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By Recon88 2019-02-15 00:44:16

TL-WA701ND PoE Adapter 24V or 48V?

Hi all! So i have that old TL-WA701ND (v2.1) access point and i want to use it as AP. I'll buy Edge Router X which supports 24V/0.5A Passive PoE so I'll connect them via PoE Injector, but i don't know
Forums/ Access Points
By davidec 2022-02-05 20:25:58

TL-WA701ND with PoE

Dear All, i have a TL-WA701ND access point and i need to power it via PoE. I tried to use the included injector with the standard 9V adapter, and it turns on regularly. But then i tried to connect it