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By Mark_TSB 2022-04-12 08:47:36

Disable NAT

Hello, I need to disable NAT on the ER7206 gateway. How do I do it?
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By Mark_TSB 2022-03-18 10:18:28


Hello, Can I ask if it is possible to connect multiple ER7206 gateways via VPN multiple branches to the headquarters? (star topology network) Best Regards Mark
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By Mark_TSB 2022-03-16 08:04:42

COMPANY BRANCHES - using ER 7206 gateways with MPLS connection

Hi, we would like to connect our company branches (10x) using ER7206 gateways. The branches are connected by MPLS protocol. Is it possible to route the gateways to the main headquarter? (VPN,direct).