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By Krinji 2022-05-06 18:23:02

Issue with Policy Routing on ER7206 under Controller OC200

Hello, I'm currently using OC200 1.0 along with TL-SG2210P v5.0 and ER7206 v1.0 with 1.1.1 Build 20220117 Rel.59513 becase the new firmware doesn't support Stealth Ports . Everything is working just f
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By Krinji 2022-05-02 18:40:52

OC200 Client Data Collection suggestion

Hello, Since the controller storage is limited to only 3.00GB would be a nice implementation to allow external storage like USB, NAS, SFTP or something else that will be easy to adopt. It is already a
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By Krinji 2022-04-16 19:27:12

LACP between ER7206 and TL-SG2210P

Hello, Below is my current setup on Port1 of the switch and LAN1 of the gateway. I want to create a LACP between them using Port1 (Red) and Port 8 (Yellow) of the switch and LAN1 (Red) and LAN2 (Yello
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By Krinji 2022-04-16 15:35:02

Gateway ACL rules via Software Controller

Hello, I'm using Omada Software Controller with ER7206 V1.0 gateway and TL-SG2210P v5.0 managed switch . All works good so far but when i try to disable ports on all protocols from 1057 to 65535 this