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By Hmk- 2024-02-04 08:12:37

Two or more wired units in mesh system

I have mesh of three xe75. One of the the satellites is located near the house intake for the fiber intake. From here a wire runs to the main who is situated at the second floor (middle of the house).
Forums/ Range Extenders
By David-TP 2024-01-17 11:06:07

RE800BE-The First Wi-Fi 7 Range Extender is on the way

In early 2024, we are thrilled to introduce a new member to the TP-link WiFi 7 family. Say hello to the RE800BE, the world's very first Wi-Fi 7 tri-band wireless range extender! With its cutting-edge
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Skolgatan16 2023-06-28 14:23:37

Cannot connect extender to TP link router

Want to connect a AC1200 mest Wi-Fi extender to my MR600 Wi-Fi router it facila all the time
Forums/ Switches
By Zyxian 2023-03-06 20:06:32

TL-SX1008 Fan Issue

Hello All. The fan in the TL-SX1008 is speeding up for about 3-7 seconds then slows down for about the same amount of time and then repeats. It is doing it even when everything connected to it is off.