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By Udhaya 3 weeks ago

XC220-G3v_(BR)_V2_ firmware update

New Firmware update XC220-G3v_(BR)_V2_1.8.0 Build 20230721 Publication Date: 2024-01-22 English language File size: 15.27 MB Modifications and bug fixes https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QdmEcvU9OgVGs0
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By Udhaya 2023-09-06 03:27:05


Tp Link XC220 g3v Latest firmware This is latest firmware perfectly working me use it... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RelMo__MgVKp0puWvGR7DIebURijEWLp/view?usp=drive_link
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By mahat 2023-08-14 19:18:44

TP-Link XC220-G3v v2.30 updated firmware required for BSNL INTERNET ISSUE

Hello, I have Bsnl FTTH Connection. Recently bought TP-LINK XC220-G3V. I attempted to set up Internet, but it was not able to connect. The user name, password, and VLAN ID are correct (provided by BSN
Forums/ DSL Modem&Routers
By jerick120 2023-04-28 20:36:47

XC220-G3V Firmware File

Hi there! My XC220-G3V V1 GPON Router came with a "internal use only" debug firmware with a watermark. The router does not connect to WAN and i suspect this is because of the mentioned firmware issue.