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By Arubadew 2019-02-19 13:03:04

Controlling of smart plugs when they’re in different time zones

I have smart plugs set up in 3 different locations (2 in US east coast and one in Aruba). At one time of the year, the Aruba plug is in a time zone which is one hour later than the other two. Assuming
Forums/ Deco
By billyeff 2 weeks ago

Using M4 with FIOS Actiontec router

I have a Verizon FIOS Actiontec MI424WR router that I have hooked up my Deco-M4 three pack in access point mode and it is working with good Wifi coverage. I have the Wifi on the Actiontec shut off. Th
Forums/ Wi-Fi Routers
By YMHEE-BCEX 3 weeks ago

SMTP Server field in password recovery is too short

It looks like the length of SMTP server field is limited to about 30 characters. That's not long enough for typical AWS server, like Would be great if you fixed it!
Forums/ Feature Request
By septer012 3 weeks ago

4 way switch

Release a kasa four way smart switch product, or add functionality for two three way switch products to implement a four way solution.
Forums/ Deco
By phireph0x 2019-02-04 04:36:51

Deco DHCP Server is passing my gateway along with manual DNS servers

I've manually configured DNS servers for my LAN clients through the Deco DHCP Server, using Cloudflare's and However, the DHCP server continues to pass my gateway address as a third D
Forums/ Deco
By User747483839 2019-03-12 16:19:17

Antivirus won't stop blocking

I turned on some of the anitivirus features when I initially setup my M9's. I turned it off shortly after because it was just blocking too much. Weeks later, I am still getting notifications that cert