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By AceVentura 2019-05-04 00:27:45

Can i mesh EAP225-outdoor with a EAP110-outdoor?

Hi, It is possible the mesh the eap225-outdoor with the eap110-outdoor? And if it's possible, how? Mayby we can mesh the eap225-outdoor with a RE200 extender? THX
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By samc2696 2020-06-02 07:18:44

Range of EAP225 seems to be low

I have just installed an EAP225 in the same position my old router/access point (that is now hidden in a cupboard). However I seem to be getting very poor range from it. I am not getting signal in pla
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By kcato 2019-11-12 13:59:58

Can EAP225-Outdoor cover both inside and outside a house?

Hey guys! I'd kindly ask you to advise me what equipment to purchase. We live in a house of roughly 500m2 on 3 floors surrounded by land of 12000m2. The farthest point from the house is some 140m away
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By paparazz01 2019-12-16 18:28:09

OMADA controller with CPE210

Hi! I have been searching on the web for the possibility of using the omada controller with my CPE210. I have no issues with 210 and is perfectly working fine as expected, however, I am really keen on