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/ Wi-Fi Routers
By Gabuvi7 2020-06-18 22:37:02

Re:Slow network performance on AX50/AX3000

@Sevi HI everyone! I have the same problem. The ISP provide 300Mb simetrics, and the speed provide for my router AX50 is 50Mb (download) and 5Mb (Upload). I tried to factory reset and doesn't work. I
/ Wi-Fi Routers
By steve79 2020-04-27 12:08:34

Re:AX50 USB3 transfer very slow

Anyone else unfortunate enough to have this router?? What USB3 speeds are you getting?. I'm only getting 20MB/S transfer. Worse router I've owned. Thinking of testing my new chop saw blade on it!.