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By goodgoat 2020-06-01 04:06:49

Re:Deco M9 Plus V2 problem

@SrDarkWarrior can i ask what is new in this v1.4 (beta)? would like to know before i decide to update from my 1.2.12.
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By Sabros 2020-05-27 01:46:04

Re:Deco M9 Plus details on connected devices

@Tony That has been standaard reply from TP link for more than a year now. Do you guys even care after selling a product?
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By David-TP 2020-05-16 06:16:18

Re:M9+ v2 firmware

@Miked630 Yes, we have the plan to update the V2 firmware to match V1, currently, the new firmware is still under test, please wait patiently for the new firmware. Good day.
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By BEinc 2020-05-24 22:00:04

m9 plus User Interface doesn't connect

I just got a deco M9 Plus and was promised tons of features and settings and so far none of them are available or "where they should be." My biggest problem right now is that the app doesn't show info
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By Tony 2020-05-21 17:10:56

Re:Deco M9 Plus details on connected devices

@global The Deco M5 currently has that, not the M9, but in the next firmware release it should have it as well.