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By GusWhu 2020-06-27 23:20:28

Deco S4 "Guest SSID" List of Connections

How can we see a list of devices connected to the "Guest SSID"? Deco S4 is deployed in Router mode with "Main Deco" linked (Cat5e) directly to the Cable Modem and the other port wired to a TpLink TL-S
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By GusWhu 2020-06-27 00:47:35

Deco S4 needs Option for Devices in 5 GHz ONLY

It seems that the Deco S4 v2.8 system automatically decides which band (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz) every device should use, and there is no option to place certain devices to use ONLY the 5 GHz, either by "pus
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By GusWhu 2020-06-27 00:37:47

Deco S4 without WPA2 AES

I've just purchased the Deco S4 v2.8 to replace another router and I need to connect devices that require WPA2-AES (instead of WPA-TKIP). Deco S4 specs say that it supports BOTH WPA/WPA2 but my WiFi A
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By Ingvar 2020-04-17 13:35:54

Wifi security WPA2 AES missing in Deco M9 Plus?

I am trying to connect my car ( Volvo XC60 ) to my Wifi. The car wants me to change WPA2 to AES instead of TKIP! So no connection! Connection to another Wifi router with WPA2 AES is OK! I can not find