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By Efour 2020-06-05 06:57:22

Archer AX6000 Firmware upgrade ruined everything. Cant go back?

Hi bought the Archer AX6000 and i was happy enough with it. NO real issues. Yesterday I got an update for firmware, which i did using the Routers inbuilt tool. Then the problems began. I couldnt recon
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By gciullob 2020-06-08 16:59:02

Re:Recommend avoiding AX6000 Firmware 1.0.7 Build 20200212 rel.7095(5553)

@westranm How to make the donwgrade of the firmware? i already make the update and i had many devices what doenst work westranm wrote I recommend avoiding Firmware 1.0.7 Build 20200212 rel.7095(5553).