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By Jinni 2020-08-14 23:56:10

Deco M4 vs S4

Hi, I have ordered Deco M4 from the shop but they have accidentally delivered Deco S4. Should I keep Deco S4 or Should I give it back to them to get my M4 back. Which one is the best in terms of perfo
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By mark-uk1 2020-08-25 10:06:45

Which one to buy? M4, S4 or M5? M5 Costs about 50£ more, but any difference between s4 and m4?

I'm struggling to see any difference between m4 and s4 to be honest? Is one newer or better than the other?
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By mark-uk1 2020-08-23 18:35:23

For m4 deco what is the latest version? Im unable to update via app becauae it says unable on app

The title says I currently have the M4 and when I try to update it via the app it says that it is unable to find and or unable to update via the app so therefore I'm asking on this Fred what is the la
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By mark-uk1 2020-08-17 15:06:23

M4 or M5? M5 has the additional antennaes (4 instead of 2) - does this make a difference much?

as per the title.... i'm deciding whihc one to go for - i have dead spot on one end of my house; and will use it as an access point.
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By TP-Link Deco 2017-07-31 20:07:45

How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode?

Deco supports Access Point mode with latest firmware and APP version. Please refer to the FAQ link for how to set up Deco in AP mode: