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By SnazzyJim 2022-07-19 00:13:59

Re:TL-WA1201 AC1200 Wireless Access Point - Devices intermittently dropping packets when connected

@casey-walt I was simply showing that there is a new firmware version regardless of if it fixes the VLAN issue, (I don't use VLANS and have no way of testing this function currently). That is good to
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By KMK 2020-09-09 06:14:20

TP-LINK ARCHER TX3000E PIC-E Wi-Fi 6 Adapter

Hi, I am interested to buy the TP-LINK ARCHER TX3000E PIC-E Wi-Fi 6 Adapter. I want to know whether it can fit into half height slot? Best Regards, MK
Forums/ Adapters
By Jombo 2020-09-12 08:32:02

[SOLVED] TX3000E can't connect to WIFI N and it makes all my other devices lose their connections !

Hello Adapter : TX3000E Router : D-link DIR-655 (I agree, it's old but I don't have any problems with it !) So I can't connect to my router in WIFI N. It detects my router SSID and ask for the passwor