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By prios 2020-11-05 16:44:48

Should I continue using a beta firmware for my TP-LINK RE200 (AC750) ?

Hi, I needed to apply beta firmware re200v3_eu-up-ver1-1-1-P1[20191127-rel47933].zip to fix this problem: Is there a GA (not be
Forums/ Range Extenders
By Christian_sol 2020-02-21 17:52:00

TP-LINK RE200 (AC750) connect to the 5.8 network

Hi, recently I bought a tp-link RE200 and I cannot connect it to the 5.8Ghz network of my Technicolor DPC3848VE DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway router. If I connect the repeater only to the 2.4 network it works, b