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Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Jettjy 2019-07-05 00:30:59

Complex scheduling for smart plug

Hi guys, I'm wondering if its possible to create a complex schedule for my HS100 smart plug such as turning on for 5 minutes every half hour repeatedly? Currently I can only set it to turn on and turn
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By arlesterc 2019-07-07 23:03:33

Ability to control TP-Link Smart Plug (1-Pack) from a Windows PC?

Sorry if I am posting to wrong forum. I have a smart plug so I chose Smart Plugs but did not see my model. I have a TP-Link Smart Plug (1-Pack). Is there any way to control from a Windows PC? Can I us
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Scheuerer1 2019-03-24 08:31:16

HS 110 Remote control disable

Hello all, I'm using up to 10 different HS110 Smart home Plug at home. Could it be, that with the latest version of Kasa App unter iOS and also under Android2.10.0 Build 834, that it is NOT more possi
Forums/ Kasa Smart Bulbs
By Marteeno 2019-06-22 18:33:42

LB130 Away mode

Hi, I've just bought a Smart Bulb LB130 and I'm trying to configure the Away mode like I can for the Smart Plugs but I can't see where I can do this on the LB130 app. Has anyone else managed to do thi
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By Mikeyboyzzz 2019-05-21 17:18:46

To link smart plugs won’t turn off

Evening, I’ve got 2 smart plugs one HS100 and one HS110, both of these have recently stopped working properly. The plugs identify to be turned off but aren’t, they show in the app and on the device as
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By HowardBannister 2019-05-31 11:49:36

HS105 loses connection after modem/router reboot

Good day, I have 6 of these at home. Whenever I need to reboot the modem, they do not reconnect. The ones that do not are often the ones closest to the router (as in - less than a foot away). Sometime