What should I do if my Kasa Cam not recording motion?

Released On: 2019-05-17 21:04:40Last update time: 2019-05-17 21:04:40

By default, the Kasa camera will be recording any motion and sending notification. If you are in a situation where the camera is not recording or you are not receiving notifications, view the suggestions below that aim to resolve that.


Camera is not recording motion


Open the Kasa app, tap on the camera name, and go to device settings (top right icon).



Go to "Privacy and Sensitivity", under privacy you should have "Record Video and Audio" selected. Make sure your sensitivity is set to any region to the right half of the bar. The further right you set it, the camera will become increasingly sensitive to record any motion.



Scroll down and look for the slide bar labeled "Record motion that lasts at least" set that all the way to the left. This will ensure that any motion at all will be recorded. If you set that to 3 seconds, then the object will need to be moving around longer than 3 seconds before motion is then recorded.



Select the top left arrow to go back, and now tap on "Activity Zones". You do not need to create zones, not having one means the entire screen will record motion, which is fine. If you created an activity zone, then motion will only be detected in that created zone.


Camera is recording clips, but is not notifying you


If motion is being recorded, go to the activity icon (bell shaped), and you will see the clips listed there.



To verify if the notification settings are correct go back into the camera settings and select “Notifications”.



If it is disabled, the ticker will be moved to the left which means the app will not notify you of motion is detected. To enable it, tap on the ticker and it will become enabled with additional options below. These options will give you the ability change the time you receive notification and the frequency of notifications.


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I have the same problem and did the above, no solution is working.

Same issue - KC120 does not detect any motion and does not send any alerts or record.


Same issue - KC105 does not detect any motion and does not send any alerts or record.

I am not getting the option - Privacy and Settings for Kasa Cam and so I am not sure how I can change motion sensitivity. I had seen them when I set it up but now I don't.

My KC115 stopped detecting motion once my memory card began rewriting over a ultra fast 36 gig memory card (about one week). Turned off hardware acceleration and problem was fixed.

Same thing happened to mine today. Any solutions?

Same thing happened to my kc200 today! It has stopped  notifying me and does not anything recorded all of a sudden, even though it says "activity detected x minutes ago" 


This is critical and must be solved asap! 

Hello, camera stopped recording any activity. Even when I try to manually record nothing appears in the activity Centre. Please advise 

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