Tech Tips: How to use a Kasa Camera as a motion detector

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If you’ve ever opened the Kasa App and looked at the Smart Actions section, you may have seen the Motion Sensing option and thought, “Kasa has a motion sensor?”  Well, you might be surprised to find out the motion sensing smart action has nothing to do with a dedicated motion sensor product.  Instead, it uses a Kasa camera, and its motion detection features to trigger another Kasa product, such as a switch or a light bulb.  Curious about setting up this feature?  Here’s how you can:


  • Open the Kasa app, go to the Smart Actions section and tap on ‘Add an Action’


  • Tap on Motion Sensing


  • Choose a trigger camera (i.e., Garage Camera)


  • Tap ‘Save’


  • Tap on the ‘Add’ button under “select a device”



  • Choose the action device (i.e., Outside lights)


  • Then tap ‘Save’


  • Choose your notification settings


  • [Optional] Tap on the ‘add’ button to add an auto timer.


  • [Optional] Set a time from 1 to 180 minutes 


  • [Optional] Tap on ‘Save’


  • Tap on ‘Complete’


  • Give your smart action a name, then tap ‘Done’


  • Congratulations! You have completed your Smart Action setup.  Tap on ‘OK’ to end.