ER7206 Loses Adoption with Omada v5.4.6

ER7206 Loses Adoption with Omada v5.4.6

ER7206 Loses Adoption with Omada v5.4.6
ER7206 Loses Adoption with Omada v5.4.6
2022-07-28 13:55:08 - last edited 2022-07-29 07:37:44
Tags: #Adoption #ER7206 (TL-ER7206)
Model: ER7206 (TL-ER7206)  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.1 Build 20220512 Rel.77113

Good morning, I purchased the products:

2 X Ap EAP245(US) v3.0

1 X Gateway TL-ER7206

The items would be for a small office with two intermetes WAN and WAN/LAN1 as faillover, and link splitting manually configured by police routers.

I installed the Omada controller on Windows, in order to centralize management and monitoring.

I started to perform the configuration on Sunday 07/24/2022, I made some configurations of Vlans and Policy router, ACLs, FailOver...

Everything went well (the simulations of loss of connection of the intermets, super-fast navigation), until the 25th at around 19:20 hours, when the gateway (TL-ER7206) was in the status of adopting and I could no longer access the equipment, I had to reset the same.

I reset the item and started the adoption again by Omada, he received some settings already made previously, but I redid some settings.

Again everything was working perfectly until the 26/07/2022 around 11:55 he lost the connection again and got the status of adopting, on that occasion my Wireless network of VLAN 1 (Default) stopped receiving DHCP, in the cable was ok only on the Wireless network.

Again I reset the equipment, but I did not make the adoption on Omada for fear of having the problem again, I was already performing the configuration in another city 400 km from where I live. When leaving the equipment isolated from the Omada manager, I did the faillover check on the main WAN link, removing the fiber, to simulate the loss of connection, but it brought down the network for everyone and WAN/LAN1 did not enter, I also noticed a slowdown in the WAN/LAN1 network where I use it only on cell phones in a separate VLAN.

I would like to know how to leave it configured so that you don't have problems.

For Omada I'm afraid of losing the connection again since I'm not in the place anymore...
I would like to know if anyone has had a similar problem?


Note: I opened a ticket with support but I still haven't had a response!



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ER7206 (TL-ER7206)
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