EAP690E HD, The First Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Omada Access Point.

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EAP690E HD, The First Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Omada Access Point.

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EAP690E HD, The First Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Omada Access Point.
EAP690E HD, The First Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Omada Access Point.
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Model: EAP690E HD  
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Hi Everyone,


We’re excited to announce the official launch of EAP690E HD here!


Powered by WiFi 6E technology, the EAP690E HD ensures hyper-connectivity with steady performance in demanding environments. As the flagship product of Omada access points, EAP690E HD unlocks the full potential of client devices with blazing-fast quad-band speeds up to 10,544 Mbps. It's designed for business environments in heavy Wi-Fi areas, ideal for scenarios like hospitality, education, shopping malls, offices, meeting rooms. 



Learn more about Wi-Fi 6E


1. Product Overview


  • AX11000 Quad-Band WiFi 6:

     Simultaneous 4 x 1201 Mbps (6 GHz) + 4 x 574 Mbps (5 GHz_1) + 4 x 574 Mbps (5 GHz_2) + 4 x 287 Mbps (2.4 GHz).†


  • High-Density Connectivity up to 2000 Clients**:

     Improves WiFi performance in dense environments with OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and BSS Coloring, and powerful chipset.


  • Smart Antennas:

     Professional antennas with high-power amplifiers provide strong wireless coverage in high-density environments.


  • 10G Wired Connection:

     Boosts overall throughput with a 10 Gbps Ethernet port supported by an 802.3bt PoE++ power supply.


  • Intelligent Power Supply:

     Supports both DC (adapter included) and 802.3bt PoE++ for flexible installations. 

     The PoE switch can act as a backup power source when the DC adapter is accidentally disconnected.


  • Integrated into Omada SDN:

     Supports Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), Centralized Cloud Management, and Intelligent Monitoring.*


Learn more about Omada Cloud SDN>​


The Wi-Fi speeds here are the maximum physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless transmission rate and the number of connected devices are not guaranteed, and will vary as a result of environmental factors, network conditions, and client limitations.

**The actual capacity depends on the wireless environment and client traffic and is generally less than the maximum number of client connections.

Use of WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and its features, including OFDMA, HE160, and 1024-QAM, require clients to support the corresponding features. The 160 MHz bandwidth is only available on the 6 GHz band. It may be unavailable in some regions/countries due to regulatory restrictions.

*Zero-Touch Provisioning and Auto Channel Selection and Power Adjustment require the use of Omada Cloud-Based Controller. Go to https://www.tp-link.com/en/omada-cloud-based-controller/product-list/ to confirm which models are compatible with Omada Cloud-Based Controller.


2. Hardware Feature




Dimensions (W x D x H)

11.0 × 11.0 × 2.3 in (280 × 280 × 59.1 mm)


1.95 kg

LAN Interfaces

1 x 10 Gbps Ethernet Port

Power Supply

• 802.3bt PoE++
• 12 V DC

Power Consumption

Support Smart Power Consumption Management
44.9 W (802.3bt, full functionality)
40.6 W (12/4.5A, full functionality)
50.5 W (802.3bt, full functionality)
44.2 W (12/4.5A, full functionality)


Ceiling / Wall mounting (Kits included)

Wi-Fi Standards

IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/g/b/a

Maximum Data Rate

4804 Mbps (6 GHz) + 2402 Mbps (5 GHz_1) + 2402 Mbps (5 GHz_2)

+ 1148 Mbps (2.4 GHz)


2.4 GHz: 4× 4.0 dBi

5 GHz_1: 4× 5.0 dBi (Smart Antennas)

5 GHz_2: 4× 5.5 dBi (Smart Antennas)

6 GHz: 4× 5.0 dBi


Check out the Datasheet or Specifications from TP-Link official website for more parameters about the EAP690E HD product.


3. Performance Test


(1) Environment


The test environment is as follows. The AP is ceiling mounted in N4/S4 area, with the indicator light towards the client’s direction. And speeds are measured at different positions represents in the chart below.



Horizontal ordinate

Through 0 wall


Through 1 wall


Through 2 walls


Through 3 walls


Through 3 walls and N meters



(2) Results


  • For 2.4G band, the EAP690E HD has a significant advantage in the Tx direction, and the Rx direction has an advantage in the far point.
  • For 5G band, at both Tx and Rx directions, the EAP690E HD has an advantage in both the near point and the far point.


CH37/85HE160 (1 Gbps LAN):




Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the power requirement of the EAP690E HD?

EAP690E HD needs 802.3bt class PoE or 12V/4.5A DC power supply to be fully functionally. However, with Smart Power Consumption Management, it could work at 802.3at PoE with 5G2 and 6G off.


Q2. Can the EAP690E HD work together with 802.11ac EAP in a Mesh topology?


Yes. In a topology mixed with 802.11ax AP and 802.11ac AP, EAP690E HD can be either Root EAP or Mesh EAP. If the uplink EAP is an 802.11ac EAP, the EAP690E HD will work in 802.11ac mode.


Q3. Does the EAP690E HD support Bluetooth?


EAP690E HD has a build-in Bluetooth module, but future firmware updates are needed to support Bluetooth features.


Q4. Why are the EU version and US version have different power requirements?


Due to the regulation difference in Europe (CE) and America (FCC), the maximum transmit power (or EIRP) is different. So the power consumption is different with EU and US. Generally US versions consumes more power.


Q5. The EAP690E HD weighs 1.95 Kg, is it safe for ceiling mounting?


The mounting structure has already been strengthened and verified. However, you should also check the material of the roof and make sure it could hold a 1.95 kg thing to avoid the risk of dropping.


Q6. When will the EAP690E HD be available in my region? What's the price of the EAP690E HD?


This thread is mainly aimed to introduce the features of the new product. We don't have further insights into the availability or price of a specific product in the certain regions. Different region may have different sales strategy, you may check the online store or contact the local sales for the actual arrival and price of the product.


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