EAP620HD V1_1.1.0 Beta Firmware (Fully Adapted to Omada Controller v5.5)

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EAP620HD V1_1.1.0 Beta Firmware (Fully Adapted to Omada Controller v5.5)

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EAP620HD V1_1.1.0 Beta Firmware (Fully Adapted to Omada Controller v5.5)
EAP620HD V1_1.1.0 Beta Firmware (Fully Adapted to Omada Controller v5.5)
2023-03-29 11:27:43 - last edited 2024-04-19 09:58:25

This Article Applies to: EAP620 HD V1_1.1.0_Build 20230303 (Beta)  | Fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.5

Release Notes:


New Feature/Enhancement:


1. Add accounting function for MAC authentication.

2. Remove support for WEP and TKIP encryption, in both Controller and Standalone mode.

3. Support the PPSK function in Controller mode.

4. Optimized the Mesh Failover function in Controller mode.

5. Change '20/40MHz' on 2.4GHz and '20/40/80MHz' on 5GHz to 'Auto', and display the Channel Width as 'Auto' in the corresponding device details page.

6. Hide the WMM enable button, and turn on WMM uniformly when upgrading old software and importing old configurations.

7. Optimize the detection mechanism of the Reset button.

8. Add button to enable/disable TLS1.0/TLS1.1. After updating to this firmware, TLS1.0 and TLS 1.1 will be disabled by default.


Bug Fixed:


1. Fixed the bug that traffic statistics are too large.

2. Fixed the bug that Controller will not send traffic log of VLAN SSID client.

3. Fixed the bug that reply to Probe Response causes SSID hiding function to fail.

4. Fixed the bug that Tx packet loss rate and error rate of about 25% under 5GHz.

5. Fixed the bug that Client Log cannot be obtained in mesh state.

6. Fixed the bug that the destId of the first Inform message after Controller migration is probabilistically wrong.

7. Fixed the bug that the SSID name with the longest character causes the content of the System log to be garbled.

8. Fixed the bug that the portal page cannot pop up and the authentication cannot be completed after entering the EAP IP address on the connected client.

9. Fixed the bug that MAC accounting does not support session timeout.

10. Fixed the bug that sometimes a blank symbol can be used in the password of the SSID in Quick Setup.

11. Fixed the bug that the roaming threshold may be lower than the minimum value when AI Roaming is enabled.

12. Fixed the bug that new user may skip the portal authentication when authorized clients number reaches maximum.

13. Fixed the bug that EAP gets different recognition results for different IP formats when setting the IP address of the RADIUS server.


Firmware Download:


  • Direct Download:


EAP620HD(EU&US)_V1_1.1.0_Build 20230303 (Beta)


(1) The above firmware is applied to EAP620HD v1 and v1.6, both EU and US version can upgrade.

(2) The above firmware is applied to the Omada APP of version 3.0.X or above.

(3) The above firmware is fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller 5.5.

(4) The above firmware is based on official firmware 1.1.0 Build 20211028, which has supported features like Dynamic VLAN.


 > Additional Notes < 


(1) The firmware upgrades for the wired products including Omada Controller, Router and Switch are universal, so you can download the firmware files from the global "EN" website or this forum to enjoy the new release. For wireless products such as Omada EAP, due to the limitation of local wireless laws and regulations, the firmware may be divided into different versions such as EU/US/CA/... , it's suggested to upgrade firmware from the local TP-Link official website accordingly.


(2) At present, only the new firmware release for the Omada Controller and Router will be continuously updated in this global "EN" forum. To get notified with the new release of Omada Controller, welcome to subscribe to topic 245226To get notified with the new release of Omada Routers, welcome to subscribe to Topic 255644. For other product lines, please check for updates via the Cloud or from the TP-Link official websites.




Any further feedback on the new firmware, please feel free to start a new thread from HERE.

To get better assistance, you may check Tips For Efficiently Reporting an Issue In The Community.


When reporting an issue, especially it's about firmware upgrade, it's suggested to include the following info:

-- Management mode (Controller or Standalone)

-- Device Model(s) and Hardware

-- Device Firmware (previous and current)


Thank you in advance for your great cooperation and support. See you in the forums soon!


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