Solution design help

Solution design help

Solution design help
Solution design help
2023-06-08 02:17:42
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I've installed a few EAP's in small sites stand alone.  I want to install EAPs with the Omada cloud in sites that need seemless coverage.

I have 12 small sites and a main office.  Small sites will likely need a max of 3 EAPs each.   Main office, I want to replace Ubiquiti Unifi APs and Ubiquiti Cloud Key with Omada.


I have SonicWalls between all sites, so no need for VPN, and as far as wifi goes each site is independent.


Just not sure what my shopping list should look like. 


I imagine for each site a PoE Access Layer Switch like the TL-SF1006P and a few EAP TP-Link EAP245's??

Main office currently has 5 Unifi's on 2 floors.


One of my small sites is an L shaped building, also wonder if just a single TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor outside in teh middle of the L might solve the issue (nothing more than 200f from that oudoor central point)


Can someone help me out?

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Re:Solution design help
2023-06-08 12:47:07



You can re use any existing POE switches you might have, unless you want cloud management of ACLs between VLANs--which is unlikely?  If you do replace switches, they must be Omada supported, thus the smallest of which is the SG2008P with 4 POE, or SG2210P with 8 POE ports.  Typically the 1000 series are not supported.


The 245 APs are capable and affordable  but rather large physically.  If you have the spend, the smaller 600 series units are tidier and more future proof.  I am also a fan of the 615-wall which is a capable unit now  with 3 gig ethernet ports  one with POE pass-through.


Agree that a single 225outdoor would likely light up your L shaped building, as long as mounted indoors  and there is  no more than 1 interior wall in either direction. If the is lots of interior clutter, you might be safer with 2 APs mounted midway in each leg.



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