Connect CPE210 with CPE220

Connect CPE210 with CPE220
Connect CPE210 with CPE220
2016-07-22 10:19:59
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I guys,

I'am trying to connect a CPE210 (Access Point) with a CPE220 (Client) to share internet connection from my house to a place located at 6km. When I made the first configuration in my house everything worked as expected, then I moved the client to the final location and made the orientation adjustment. The client is able to see the access point with the survey tool but they don't get paired anymore.

The SNR I get is arround 10 to 12 dB with -80/-95 dbm.

Is this SNR too low to pair the antennas?
Which values I should expect to get successful connection?

Kind regards.

Client configuration:

AP configuration:

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Re:Connect CPE210 with CPE220
2016-07-23 20:29:16
You are a real mess
Client has channel 1 AP has 11
Client has MaxTream off AP has it enable
You lied when you posted this on #1
When I made the first configuration in my house everything worked
That is a big lie, or you are blind
When you pair a Client, Client takes the channel from AP by default
You can't pair Client with MaxTream off and on the AP MaxTream on
That's the reason I post, you lie
I assume you have the urgency to deploy your CPEs, and your adrenaline is high
with your new toys, and you aré making big mistakes that take on the fail road
My advise
Back to the lab again
Start from scratch
factory defaults both of them
Start with AP following the Tp-Link how tos
And here
How to Configure the Access Point Mode on the Pharos device?
How to Configure the Client Mode on the Pharos device?
@JefeDeJefes por tu nick veo hablas Español, si con esas guías no lo logras
Puedes enviarme un MP y proporcionarme tu Whats y te ayudo por ese medio.
Re:Connect CPE210 with CPE220
2016-07-25 08:47:30

@danymarc, sorry about the error with the configuration with MaxTream (the channels are correct by the way), at the time I took the print screens I was trying with every option and close to trow the antennas in to the trash can, now started everything from scratch again in my house and the antennas got paired almost instantly but again when I place the client at the final location everything failed miserably again. but this time I was able to see the client getting paired and receiving data with very bad quality for less than a minute and then nothing again.

Now I'm more convinced that the SNR is the critical parameter for me, during the test in my house I placed the client at different orientations even looking at the ground, the SNR was arround to 25 and the connection was successful.

I'm seriously thinking in to buy another CPE220 to get the gain boost necessary to rise the SNR. What do you think?

Re:Connect CPE210 with CPE220
2016-07-25 20:34:02
The problem could be the 6 Kms. you bought
210 5 Kms tops
220 13 Kms tops
And your link is 6 Kms. so you have one device on the link that is not capable for the distance,
in real life subtract 20 or 30% from specifications
Either you buy a second 220, or move from the 2.4 frequency,
you are going to have all the issues you can name on 6 Kms on that frequency
2.4 is very crowded, but you have half of the gear, so carry on from there
Re:Connect CPE210 with CPE220
2016-12-28 13:23:48
Try with 220 as ap instead client