CPE510 AP-Client detailed setup

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CPE510 AP-Client detailed setup
CPE510 AP-Client detailed setup
2017-01-12 14:12:11
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i am not a professional with this profession, so i need some advice's and explanations.

problem: i have a seahouse 300 meter from my main house, and like to have internet there too. (wifi)
purpose is to have cameras, and accesses to internet for music video etc.

i purchased two CPE510 (a+b)
CPE510a was setup as an AP using quicksetup. i gave it the ip
CPE510b was setup as a Client using quicksetup. i gave it the ip 168.192.0 253

CPE510a was connected to my main router in the main house. Jensen router with the ip
CPE510b was connected to an old Asus router, to provide wifi in the seahouse.

when i use fing on my mobile i can scan the net, and see all the other components, but i cant see the CPE's which might be logical since i am logged on to the Jensen wifi
The Asus router i can see on the tracing, given the ip

In the seahouse i had wifi for a while having 5mbit down and 10 up, but i had to repower the system, and i can get it playing again.

a. Can someone describe exactly what the CPE's do? Why should they have this IP? ( ?
b. i presume that the jensen router gives a ip adress to the Asus router since i can scan it to, is this the way it should play? the client cpe should not provide any ip addresses to the router? (dhcp not enabled)
c. how should the Asus router be configured?
d. why did i get 5mb down and 10 mbit up?
e. the CPE,s are they sufficient configured using the quick setup, or is other adjustments needed or an advantage?
f. if i scan my pc for wifi stations, i can see the cpe configured as ap, but i cant connect, how come?

hopefully someone can give me some advice's

thanks in advance
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Re:CPE510 AP-Client detailed setup
2017-01-12 22:28:53
A-cause you left them on their default IPs, change AP to and Client to 38.3, if you do it from AP side ser Client first, if from Client side set AP first
B-once A is fixed B will too
C-Asus set as Router should have a dif subnet (subnet is the third segment of the IP) from the rest like
or be set as AP by disabling DHCP on Asus and setting in the same segment of the rest
D-maybe the Asus is set on same subnet as Jensen and that creates the conflict
E-its enough
F-the answer is point A