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Forums/ Requests & Suggestions
2023-01-14 08:29:01
Selection multiple MAC groups in ACL
I have multiple MAC Groups, Would be great to have the possibility of selecting more than just one in the MAC Deny/Allow in WLAN
Forums/ Controllers
2023-01-09 18:44:52
Cannot change Port Profiles
Why can I not change the prot profiles the controler made? I can see them and delte them; cannot change If I manually create a profile I do get a "save" button. Otherwise I just have a "Back" button
Forums/ Controllers
2022-12-23 17:05:27
LAG on Omada Switches greyed out
Trying to setup LAG on my omada switch running through the OC200 Controller. When selecting the port I want to aggreagte, I move to Override profile and select aggregation. Now something totally...
Forums/ Switches
2022-12-18 16:15:31
Re:setting static IP on 2210MP switches in Omada setup
Same here on my TL-SG2218 I could not do it through the OC200 web interface. However, using the (android) app, I could
Forums/ Routers
2022-10-19 16:37:41
DHCP Reservation not working
I have 4 EAP for which I have assigned an IP adress based upon their MAC in the DHCP reservation table. All EAP are configured to receive an IP through DHCP. One would expect the EAP to receive the...