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By kald_c 2022-06-29 01:38:46

ER7206 Port Forwarding Trouble

I'm having the worst time setting up port forwarding for this router. WAN is a static IP, primary DNS/Gateway are, I am assigning the ER7206 to LAN is set to, DHCP
Forums/ Routers
By 3287bluehawk 2022-06-20 04:33:17

Router capped at 100mbps

Hello. I've had this problem with a couple routers before this one, so I'm hoping someone could help with my issue. We pay for gigabit fiber internet and we do sometimes achieve those speeds. But a lo
Forums/ Routers
By DickLOliphant 2022-01-23 22:33:07

ER605 Multi WAN connection issue - Help!

I am having no luck establishing a connection with one of my WAN providers. I can connect to it with my Linksys wireless router using Dynamic with no problems. The only way I can get it to connect is