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By mhoam 2023-06-11 09:29:09

Brave Browser no longer useable on ER605

After updating the firmware on my ER-605 to the latest version, my Brave browser now displays a splash screen after logging on telling me that I am using "an unsupported browser" with no option to pro
Forums/ Business Router
By dpsguard 2023-06-09 20:06:52

Why does ER8411 consume so much RAM?

I have a few of ER8411 v1. Even with 1.03, the memory usage is close to 58% with no traffic if I login at night time. Considering it has 4GB of RAM, and compared with 512MB on ER7206 (which I also hav
Forums/ Business Router
By Paulie1001 2023-05-20 23:06:22

planning advanced home network

Hello guys and girls Hoping to receive some advice here as I´m not sure how to go about this. I will be moving into my new house in a few weeks. Its a 3 floor house and separate garage with a movie-ro
Forums/ Business Router
By amscrey 2023-03-18 21:50:39

ER605 not connecting to Internet thru Cable Modem

I am having trouble connecting my ER605 router as desired. I am only able to access it's admin interface and have it assign me an IP when another router is presently connected to same modem. I have in
Forums/ Switches
By Teeple 2023-03-16 00:39:25

TL-SG116E v2.20 Firmware?

Hello, Team. Quick question I couldn't find in the search re:New SG116E v2.20. FW=1.0.0 Build 20220826 Rel.58631 The "Support" page has several versions in the drop-down, for example, V2, V2.6... but
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By d0ugmac1 2023-02-27 18:56:34

ER605 Needs weekly Reboot Issue - does it have a memory leak?

So I have had my fleet of ER605's on a weekly reboot diet now for over a year. Because if I don't do that, they eventually permanently lose contact with the Controller (hardware or software). I have r